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In many parts of the country, shorter days and the cooler weather of fall signal that the end of boating season is approaching.  To help protect your pride and joy and ensure trouble-free operation come springtime, you need to properly “winterize” your vessel for storage. The same holds true for anytime you’re storing your boat for an extended period of non-use, regardless of the weather or season.

The key to this process is taking steps to protect your boat’s engine and fuel system — including adding a proven fuel system additive formulated specifically for marine use.  Fuel leader Chevron formulated new Techron Marine Protection Plus Fuel System Treatment for use in all types of gasoline-powered boats. Just one ounce treats 10 gallons of gasoline, stabilizing the fuel for two years while protecting against harmful corrosion and deposits throughout the system.


Here’s how to protect your boat’s engine and fuel system:

First, add the correct amount of fuel additive to a full tank of gas.  Keeping the fuel level full during storage eliminates air space in the tank that can lead to issues with condensation.

Next, change the element on your boat’s water-separating fuel filter to make sure you remove any old fuel or accumulated water.  If your boat doesn’t have one of these, it’s a very good idea to add one.

It’s also important to run the boat at speed for a while to make sure you burn all of the old gas out of the engine and fuel lines and give the added fuel treatment time to circulate through the entire system.  If you do this on the trailer or lift while attached to a fresh water supply, make sure to let the engine idle for a good 15 minutes.  If you have access to your boat during the offseason, it’s also a good idea to start it up and run it for a few minutes every few weeks.



Do these things and you’ll be ready for action when the weather warms up and the fish start to bite again.   Taking care of your fuel system during offseason storage with Techron Marine – and using it with every fill up – will help you enjoy trouble-free boating all year long.

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