Stretchy round materials are tough to keep in place as you lash them to the hook shank.

Here’s the latest video in our series called “One-Minute Fly-Tying Tips and Techniques,” from Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions. Each video teaches a single tying skill, from the most basic to the advanced. Ultimately, the series will serve as a sort of encyclopedia of tying skills that will be a valuable resource for anyone who sits down at a vise to create a fly.

Although some anglers balk at using the Squirmy Wormy or similar annelid imitations, these patterns catch fish. But they can be a pain to tie because the elastic, round materials want to roll, squish, and break when you try to lash them to the hook. Of course, Tim has a trick that will solve all these problems. It involves using the proper thread, making it wider, and then taking care to ensure you’ve really locked the material in place before you set about cutting it.

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