Boat organization isn’t glamorous but its a critical part of every boat. From properly balancing equipment in order to maintain a level boat, to organizing tackle in a way that keeps it secure, yet easy to access, boat layout is an important part of every angler’s plan.

Tim gives us a complete walk through of his compartments and explains why each item was chosen. Whether Tim is organizing his hooks in ziplocs or putting a paper funnel in a back compartment, he’s thinking ahead and streamlining his equipment.

Below is a breakdown of the gear Tim discussed in the video. The items are in order of appearance to make it simple for you to find what you’re searching for.

-Loc -R- Bar System –

-Spoolin Buddy Jr. 5 Unit –

-The Rod Gove –

-Plano KVD Speedbag Worm Files –

-Bass Mafia Money Bag –

-Plano WaterProof StowAway 3740 –

-Eye Surrender Pocketed Bait Wraps –

-Bass Mafia Bait Casket 3600 –

-Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 –

-Plano Alabama Rig Stowaway –

-The Red One A Rigger 4pk –

-Plano Custom Divider 3770 –

-Plano Leader Spool Box 1087 –

-Weego Jump Starters –

-Plano XXL Pro Latch Utility Box 7080 –


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