Night fishing is all about stealth. The lake goes quiet as the sun sets and the fish become very aware of unnatural sound. If you’re out on the water with lights on, you’re slamming locker lids, or you’ve got your motor turned up high, the fish will know you’re there. If you take the time to slow down, quiet down, and select natural baits, it can be the best fishing of your life!

Tim goes in depth about color selection, moon phase, and so much more. Listen closely to the quick tips because they will make all the difference! Listen especially close to the information about how the moon impacts color selection. Knowing when to throw a bright color, versus a natural color, versus a dark color can be the difference between catching huge fish and catching no fish at all.

Below is a breakdown of the baits discussed in the video to help you fish with confidence this Summer.

Jig and Trailers…

-No-Jack Flipping Jig 1/2 oz:

-Reaction Innovations Beaver:

-Strike King Rage Craw:

-Jig Rattles:

Curly Tail Worms and Stick Baits…

-Berkeley Power Worm 10″:

-Zoom Ol’ Monster Worm:

-Magnum Baits 10″ Stick bait:

-Hag’s Tornado Bait:

Texas Rig Hardware…

Hook- Gamakatsu 6/0 Superline Wide Gap:

Weight- Swagger Tackle Tungsten Worm Weight 1/2 oz:

Stopper- 6th Sense Peg X:

Spinnerbait/Chatterbait/Swim Jig…

-Revenge Heavy Duty Double Willow 3/4 oz:

-Evergreen JackHammer Chatterbait 1/2 oz:

-Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig 3/4 oz:


-Strike King 10XD:

-Strike King 6XD:

-Norman DD22:


-Whopper Plopper 130: (Loon, Powder)

-Brabec Double Buzzbait: (Black, White)

-Spro BBZ 8″ Trout Wakebait:

-Spro BBZ 1 Rat:

-G Ratt Swimming Rat:

-Johnny Rat Wakebait:

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