The day starts off with a variety of baits on deck. Matt is throwing a squarebill crankbait, whopper plopper, frog, spinnerbait, keitech, gantarel, and deep crankbait just hoping to connect with a fish that can give him a clue what stage the bass are in. Any time you fish a new lake the first bite is key to the success of the entire day. Matt’s first bite however came shallow and threw him a curveball that required a few hours to solve.

After probing the shallows with a variety of baits Matt returned to his original plan of fishing deep ledges and breaks in search of schooling bass. That decision turned the entire day around as Matt began loading the boat with fish! Below is a breakdown of the gear and equipment Matt used to find success on Guntersville in one day without any outside help.

The baits…

-River2Sea Biggie Poppa (TS Minnow):

-Hog Farmer 1/2 oz War Pig:

-Keitech 4.3 Swing Impact Fat (Electric Shad):

-Strike King 6XD Crankbait (Sexy Blue Back Herring):

-Azuma Z Boss 22 Crankbait (Grand Shad):

Deep Crankbait Setup…

Rod- Zodias 7’6″ MH Glass:

Reel- Shimano Bantam MGL HG:

Line- Power Pro 20 lb Braid:

Leader- 12 lb Maxima Ultragreen:


-Humminbird Solix 12 G2:

-Humminbird Lakemaster Plus Digital Chart:

Rain Gear…

Jacket- Aftco Anhydrous 2.0:

Bibs- Aftco Anhydrous 2.0:

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