The Troll Jacket is one of those products that seems so simple we all should have thought of but we didn’t. It makes a huge difference in our day to day lives on the boat. We’re no longer struggling with a mess of cords around the trolling motor, no more zip ties cutting into cables, and no more cables fraying or twisting from use. The SLX DC is a no brainer. We’ve all fallen in love with the Metanium DC and Curado DC and this recent step with the SLX makes it more affordable still.

Both the Ima Glide Fluke and Megabass Okashira heads came out of friends of TacticalBassin putting on a clinic on the water. Once in a while someone truly smashes the bass, leaving us to take notes and expand our fishing style going forward. Both of these baits were brought to our attention in this manner. Notes were taken, methods were tested, and both the Glide Fluke and Screw Head are winners!

The Gear…

-T-H Marine Troll Jacket:

-Shimano SLX DC Reel:

-Shimano SLX 6’10” Medium:

-Ima Glide Fluke:

-Megabass Okashira Head:

-Keitech 3.3 Fat Swing Impact:

-Megabass 3″ Spark Shad:

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