The Zippo lighter is an American icon. It was born in the shadow of the Great Depression. It’s passed around by soldiers in World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. Concertgoers have brandished the lighters at venues worldwide, hoping for “one more song!” And outdoorsmen have used Zippos at hunting and fishing camps across the U.S. Named after the famous “zip” sound it makes upon igniting, the Zippo’s roots run deep in Bradford, Pennsylvania, but with over 500 million lighters produced since 1933, you can find one of these flint-wheeled, wick-burning torches all over the world. While the durability, reliability, and shape of the Zippo is universal, the artwork on the lighter is what makes each one different—and what makes collecting these lighters so much fun. Not surprisingly, there are a ton of hunting- and fishing-themed Zippos available. If you’re looking for a special gift for a fellow outdoorsman, or simply a new lighter of your own, here are a handful of our favorite Zippos fashioned specifically for hunters and anglers.

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