We believe in the power of nature to replenish our spirit and restore balance to our lives. That’s why, each day from today through Christmas Day, we will post a “Moment of Chill”—a short video that will transport you to a place where you don’t have to do anything but watch, enjoy, and breathe.

Today’s #momentofchill is from Urban Rhino, and it features a delightful run in the snow with a gorgeous dog. The star is Luck, the subject of last year’s incredibly beautiful video “For the Love of Luck.”

Dogs need plenty of exercise, even in winter, so it’s important that you get outside when the weather allows. A short jaunt through the snow will make both you and your pup feel refreshed and energized.

And if you’re having a rough day and feel the need for some new chill NOW, visit the Moment of Chill homepage.

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