2019 was truly incredible! We were blessed to fish in 25 states, 3 countries, and got to meet so many incredible members of the Tactical Bassin Family! With all the travel we were able to learn new techniques, test theories, and experience an incredible variety of fishing conditions. We were blessed to take all of you along with us on the adventures and are thrilled about what awaits in 2020! 

In 2020 we plan to travel even more! New adventures in fresh and saltwater, trips to more exotic locations, and of course, as much bass fishing as we can possibly pack in! We plan to spend more time on the water with our families and look forward to seeing our wives and kids take a larger roll in the channel. If you’re ready for an exciting year, be sure to come along!

The key to success in any endeavor is goal setting. In 2019 we set a goal of reaching 250,000 subscribers and catching “teener” bass. We were blessed to surpass our subscriber goal because of you, thank you so much! While we were unsuccessful in catching bass exceeding 13 lbs this year, we were blessed with a ton of amazing catches throughout the year, including a handful of new world records! 

Our goals for 2020 are quite simple. First, we want to see the channel reach 400,000 subscribers. We want to spend more time on the water fishing with friends and family, and we want to visit new destinations we’ve never fished before. 2020 is going to be incredible! We cannot wait to take you along on the journey!

Did you achieve your goals for 2019? What are your goals for 2020? Comment below and let us know! 

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