We get asked over and over again if our techniques will work in a particular state or on a particular lake. Anglers constantly overlook the simple truth that all bass are inherently the same. They live in different environments but their feeding activity, movements, behavior, etc… are all identical.

Swimbaits work from coast to coast. Topwater, finesse, reaction, etc… will catch bass EVERYWHERE when the conditions are right. In today’s video Tim gives a detailed step-by-step look at a day on the water in Northern Michigan as he breaks down the lake, locates the giant bass, and uses a handful of key baits to consistently put them in the boat.

Below is a breakdown of the gear he used to accomplish this feat:


S-Waver 168 Swimbait (Light Trout): http://bit.ly/2aiu8Sh

Reaction Innovations Vixen (Bone): http://bit.ly/2rp11nr

Matt Allen Swimbait Head: http://bit.ly/29RrTYN

Keitech 4.3 Fat Swimbait: http://bit.ly/2ab7s8v

Strike King Dream Shot: http://bit.ly/2aAoUoR

Vixen Modifications…

Split Ring- Owner Hyperwire #3: http://bit.ly/2v8ArBX

Front Hooks- Owner ST-36 Size 4: http://bit.ly/2cWpeyw

Rear Treble- Owner Feather Treble Size 4: http://bit.ly/2dJH8V6

Sunglasses For Clear Water/Cloudy Skies (Copper Lenses): http://bit.ly/2glE3eN

Trolling Motor- Minn Kota Ulterra: http://bit.ly/2PoYlTd

S Waver Combo…

Rod- G Loomis GLX 894C JWR: http://bit.ly/2gqziwT

Reel- Metanium MGL: http://bit.ly/2ezIBfB

Line- Sunline XPlasma 50 lb: http://bit.ly/2OR5i2j

Leader- Maxima Ultragreen 20 lb: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

Vixen Combo…

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 845 CBR: http://bit.ly/2og0BmK

Reel- Chronarch MGL: http://bit.ly/2n8DghB

Line- Sufix 832 50 lb: http://bit.ly/2ae93Ji

Leader- Maxima Ultragreen 15 lb: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9


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