Matt and Tim recently released their Tactical DD Crankbait to specifically target big Winter bass. This bait is incredibly easy to fish, comes in cold water specific color patterns, and has produced giant catches all over the country. Smallmouth, Spotted Bass, and giant Largemouth have all fallen prey to its high speed vibration..

While the guys built this bait specifically for cold water versatility, they also recognize that a variety of other baits are great for Winter bass. TacticalBassin has and always will be about quality, honest information. With that in mind, Matt and Tim would never turn their back on the other proven cold water producers.

In today’s video Matt shows a variety of proven cold water crankbaits, how to fish them, then goes in depth with retrieves and equipment. If you’re tired of finesse fishing in Winter, this video is for you! Below you’ll find a breakdown of the baits and equipment along with explanations of when each bait shines.

Tactical Crankbait Release Video:


River2Sea Tactical DD Crankbait:

-This bait shines in a variety of water temperatures. While designed for cold water it also excels in warm water around baitfish. The primary benefit of this bait is its ability to be fished effectively throughout the water column. It deflects extremely well, allowing it to be fished shallow. It also dives quickly and reaches far deeper depths (18+ feet) than other baits of its size.

Megabass Deep X 300:

-Most anglers use this bait for Smallmouth. While it is an amazing bait for smallies (note the 6 lber Matt caught on it in this video) the bait actually excels in all cooler water situations for every species of bass. The bait has an extremely tight action and fishes extremely well in depths up to 14 feet.

Megabass Deep Six:

-The larger brother to the Deep X 300, the Deep Six reaches deeper and is equipped with larger hooks. It is a great option as the water cools in Fall and again as it begins to warm in Spring. With its larger size comes a slightly wider wobble, making it a versatile bait year round.

Spro RK Crawler 55:

The Rock Crawler is truly a craw-imitator. This bait has a wider wobble than the other cold water baits but is irrelevant because you’re fishing it properly when it spends all its time on the bottom. This bait is designed to grind, hop, and dodge its way through rocky bottoms, triggering bites as it deflects off cover.

6th Sense Curve 55:

-The Curve, like the Rock Crawler, is designed to spend its time on bottom. This bite will hunt, pop, and deflect its way through hard cover. Pause it as it breaks away from cover to get that vicious reaction strike you’ve been searching for.

Favorite Colors by Bait…

Tactical: Mirrored Minnow, DD Minnow, Ghost Minnow, Glass Minnow

Deep X 300: Stealth Craw, Sexy Ayu, Megabass Sexy Shad

Deep Six: MB Gizzard, Shadow Craw, Ito Wakasagi

RkCrawler: Missouri Craw, Phantom Brown, Red Crawfish

Curve 55: Craw Bomb, Ghost Missouri Craw, Red Claw

Braid Combo…

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 845 CBR:

Reel- Shimano Bantam MGL HG:

Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 20 lb:

Leader- 12 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Fluorocarbon Combo…

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 906 CBR:

Reel- Shimano Chronarch MGL HG:

Line- 12 lb Sunline Assassin:

Low Budget Combo…

Rod- St Croix Bass X 7’2″ MH Moderate:

Reel- Shimano SLX HG:

Line- Sunline Assassin 12 lb:

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