Today’s video is all about keeping it simple. These are our best confidence baits for the cold water months. The only baits missing are the dropshot and Ned Rig but we’ll be covering those in their own video in the coming days. In addition to the baits, Tim gives some awesome tips on the Tube and A-rig and Matt shares some knowledge on the big swimbait and crankbait.

“Winterizing the boat” should be a thing of the past if your lakes don’t freeze solid. Get out on the water, apply these tips, and catch some of the best bass of the year! Below is a breakdown of the baits and equipment the guys discussed in the video. Each bait is linked direct to Tackle Warehouse where you can see close up photos and detailed descriptions of them.


-G Funk A-Rigs:

-Matt Allen Swimbait Heads 3/16 oz:

-Keitech 3.8 Swimbaits:

-Rage Swimmer 4.75 Swimbaits:


-Tactical DD Crank 75:

(Ghost Minnow, Mirrored Minnow, Glass Minnow)

Small Swimbait…

-Megabass Dark Sleeper:

(Haze, Hanahaze, Wakasagi)


-Cool Baits Down Under Spin 1/8-3/16 oz:

-Keitech 2.8″ Swimbait:


-Dry Creek Tournament Tube:

-Big Bite Baits Tour Tube:

-Bite Me Flat Eye Tube Head 3/16 oz:


-Daiwa Fat Neko Worm:

-Swagger Tungsten Nail Weight:

-Owner Sniper Finesse Neko Hook:


-Dirty Jigs Finesse Football 1/2 oz:

(Supermatt Brown, Go To, Green Pumpkin Craw)

-5″ Twin Tail Grub Trailer:

(Green Pumpkin, Tilapia)

Big Swimbait…

-Huddleston Deluxe 8″ Swimbait (ROF 5):

-Huddleston Deluxe 8″ Swimbait (ROF 12):

(Trout, Ayu, Silver/Blue)

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