There are a some great tackle solutions on the market today. Boxes, Bags, and wraps all have a place in your arsenal. Keep in mind that if you’re fishing from shore and carrying your tackle you’ll want to condense your gear more than if you’re on the boat. Boaters will typically separate boxes down to style, weight, color, etc.

Below is a breakdown of the boxes found in the video. They’re sorted by style and size.

Waterproof Boxes…

Standard Box:

Deep Box:

Small Box:

Pro Latch Boxes (Not Waterproof)…

Standard Box:

Deep Box:

Small Box:

Plano Specialty Boxes…

Frogs- Breathable Box:

Spinnerbait – Hanging Box:

Alabama Rig- Specialty Box:

Eye Surrender Wraps…

Single Wrap:

Pocketed Wrap:

Bass Mafia Specialty Boxes…

Money Bags:

Small Box- 3600 Size:

Some of our favorite baits you may have seen in those boxes…

Huddleston 10″ Swimbait:

JackHammer Chatterbait:

Revenge Deep Runner Spinnerbait:

Bully Wa 2 Frog:

Dirty Jigs Finesse Football Jig:


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