Rainbow Trout

Florida-native David Danforth began drawing as a child, and
he never gave it up. At different points in his life, he has done Computer-aided
design (CAD) drafting,
airbrushed motorcycles, and created street-art-style murals. About five years
ago, he fell in love with fly fishing, and began painting bright-neon abstract
fish art. Now he lives a lifestyle that combines his passions:


I am a salt guy at heart, having grown up on the ocean, but
currently I am traveling the U.S.A. on a year-long tour with my art booth, visiting fishing shows and fly-fishing expos. This allows me to learn other fishing styles on the other end of the spectrum. One month, I could be steelheading in in the snow up north, the next in the marsh chasing redfish, or back home pulling snook out of the mangroves. Every new city I go to, I usually meet new friends that are fishy, and I get to experience their local waters and fishing scene. Adapting to paint all species of fish, and learning how to create flies for different environments keeps you on your toes. Fly fishers are all a little crazy and fun, and while we may have different
waters or approaches to the sport, in the end we are all chasing the same

Brown Trout

Danforth works in a variety of media, including art markers, pen, watercolor, and even highlighter. To see more of his works, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Permit Real Crab

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