No matter what species of fish you pursue, these are extremely helpful knots. If you’re a bass fisherman, they’re the only knots you’ll ever need to know! Are there other knots that work well? Of course! The downside of many other knots is they’re either too difficult to tie for the average angler and/or you can’t tell when they’re tied incorrectly.

Below is a breakdown of the different lines that we use for all of our fishing needs, as well as a link to the video explaining what each line is for.


-Power Pro Maxcuatro:

-Power Pro Moss Green:

-Sufix 832:


-Maxima Ultragreen:


Sunline Assassin:

Sunline Sniper:

Shock Leader…

FC-100 System Leader Fluorocarbon:

Video- Which Fishing Line? Braid vs Fluorocarbon vs Mono:

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